Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Dailies!

I showed my first-pass blocking to our director for the first time yesterday!  I think it went well.  He's a funny dude and a great collaborator.


  1. Hey Bobby! Just out of curiosity... How many shots did you have to show for your first pass? And how much time did you get to block out those first passes before dailies?

  2. Hey Levi! For my first assignment, I got a chunk of 4 shots in a row, and I went through and just blocked out "storytelling poses" to get my ideas across, which took about a week to do. I should my supes, they had a few notes, once I addressed them I showed the director in dailies!

  3. Thanks for answering Bobby. As your blog continues to grow I surely will have a few more questions pop up in my mind to ask ya. Cheers man.