Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dec 1st

Hey again you guys! had a great first day of the last month of the year!
I'm making good progress on my first chunk of shots on Ralph,  I got to talk shop and have my design portfolio reviewed by one of the character design supervisors here, sat in on an animation meeting w/ Mark Henn giving a quick talk on the importance of silhouette in animation, and finally found a new apartment!  Which was a great way to end the day.  I'll be moving to Silverlake this weekend.

Since the resources are there, after lunchtime I've been trying to make a habit to look up the Animation Research Library and do a quick design study on anything I find interesting.  Yesterday I did a terrible sketch of Roger from 101 Dalmatians. Oh.  So bad.  Today's lunch study sketch was a mildly-less-worse copy of Milt's.  Edgar the Butler from Aristocats. 
I've also been reading a book on Ronald Searle, whose work I've never really payed much attention to, but am starting to find more and more fascinating.  The influence on 101 Dalmatians is evident, as is the influence Pablo Picasso , in turn, had on Searle.

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