Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Word to the wise

Heard this tonight and I think it's important for anyone trying to break into the industry to know:

" Success doesn't always go to the best artist, and it doesn't go to the best hustler, but it always goes to the stubborn.
You've just got to have a thick skin, and not take no for an answer. If you get turned down from places, and get disappointments, you've just got to let it roll off and keep going."

-Tom Sito

Pretty straightforward, and we all get discouraged when faced with rejection. That's all fine & natural. But the last thing you want to do is stop trying. Back in 2009, in the span of one year, I was passed on by every film studio, like literally every single one of them. Some even twice! Whew that was a lot if rejection. Hurt like hell for sure, but it happened so much that eventually I became numb to it. And I guess that gave me a thick skin. Rejection is a test to see how bad you want it. And what Tom says is right on; keep going , keep taking classes , doing your own tests. Be fearless, trust your tastes. Good things will happen and you'll be glad you didn't quit.


  1. Thank you for sharing this knowledge.
    I'm in need of those same words ...

  2. Just read this quote and it gave me the
    pick-me-up I needed.

    Thanks man, appreciated :)

  3. Ooh fantastic! Glad it could help out!