Sunday, November 13, 2011

First week down!

And it was amazing . The team on Ralph is extremely talented & extremely helpful. A few highlights this week:

- Walking around the old Disney lot, seeing the old animation building.
- Seeing a screening of Wreck-it Ralph.
-Meeting all of the 2D animators, whose work I grew up with, and later inspired me to get into animation.
- Got my first assignment on the show.
-Diggin in the Disney Archives.
- Had my first Lasseter encounter.

And much more, was a pretty memorable week !


  1. could you elaborate a bit on the Lasseter encounter? how was it?

  2. yea what daniel said... we prolly already know the part that he's wearing a hawaiian shirt. :P

  3. Wow! Reading this I became excited for you!!