Sunday, November 6, 2011

Commute buddy

Awesome ! First day of work tomorrow and I already have a commute buddy. Svetla starts tomorrow as an animator as well. She's got talent in 3D animation as well as illustration! See for yourself ! :

We checked out Puss & Boots today which I had heard good things about. It was hysterical and I actually enjoyed it better than the Shrek movies, which I'm not typically a fan of. Humpty's design left a little to be desired but what are you gonna do , he's an egg. Animation was really impressive and story entertaining. Lots of laugh out loud moments. I was also pleasantly surprised to hear the Rodrigo Y Gabriela tracks. Great taste, Good fit. Congrats DW's!

Oh man. I start Disney tomorrow . Svetla told me today that, in her interview , the leads said they were going to try and out-do the animation in Tangled. Which, in the spirit of progression,makes sense.

But, oh man.


  1. Congrats Bobby

    Really pleased to see how far you've come since Animation Mentor.

    Keep up the good work and I'll be following along via your blogs.


  2. Welcome to LA Bobby! Can't wait to see what Disney has up it's sleeves. Best of luck tomorrow!

  3. I'm excited for you, look forward to following the blog.



  4. Gongrats Bobby. I am a Brazilian student of animation who recently moved to LA to make some courses. I have follow your blog for a time and really want to met you someday. Are you planning to go to the CTN animation expo?!?