Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So we've got less than two months in animation on Ralph!  Since the trailer came out I've been reading a lot of good press on the film.  Which is a relief.  Working on this film everyday, you know you have something great, but are so close to it, and still feel vulnerable when it goes out into the public. "I hope they like it, I hope they like it.  "  Then it comes out, bam, and it's a rush to see that people seemed stoked about it!   These kinds of things help and motivate you to push through the long hours and continue your dash to the finish line.
Coupled with that, I've had the amazing opportunity to do a lot drawing for the film and it has been a blast!  Everything is happening so fast, it feels surreal.  I'm sure it won't sink in until later =).

Wish us luck!  Talk soon!

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  1. Yep all of us here at Oktobor Animation in NZ were stoked when the trailer came out. It was the talk of the day. We all look forward to seeing the movie when it comes out. The zombie was a huge hit among us.