Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm finally wrapping up my first chunk of shots on the movie! So here's another ARL study. Roger from Dalmatians. Seems to me that Milt's design aesthetic on the films of this period is the caricature of Ronald Searle, with the angularity and shape Pablo Picasso.  Lot's of wonky stuff with this drawing, but the original design and pose is fantastic,  everything down to the pant folds are designed.  Learned a lot from this one.
On to my next chunk of shots ,  which, no joke, are some of the biggest I've ever ever done!


  1. Dang,'re a machine! :)

  2. Hey Bobby!

    So how does the ARL work? You have to make an appointment to get in? How high-tech is the security and preservation of the artwork inside? When you flip through the drawings of an animation you have to wear special gloves? Do you have a time limit on how long you can be there? Are only a certain amount of people allowed into the room at any given time?

    I think you had talked about pencil tests being digitally available on you guys' network there. Do they have every single pencil tests imaginable from Snow White to Princess and the frog? Heck do they even have pencil tests from the old Oswald or mickey cartoons? And on the CG side of things are you able to see rough playblasts of any of Disney's CG features from chicken little to tangled?

    Congrats on getting through your first batch of shots.

    How many shots was that did you have to get through for your first batch, and how long did it take for you to get through? How often would you or any of your animation colleagues have to reanimate an entire shot if the shot wasn't meeting a director's expectations? Reason I ask that is because with film you are reaching a maximum quality that will need to be good for the big screen and you basically have this one time to make a movie. Where as for me working in tv, it's a bit more forgivable when a shot doesn't quite work out. However, you always try to do better for the next episode. Sorry for the loads of questions bro! I am just a disney fan, and a curious guy! Hope you don't mind. Cheers :)